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the Dutch association for Parkinson's researchers

Towards a world without Parkinson’s disease. That is our ultimate goal. Unfortunately, there is no cure yet for this progressive and devastating disease. Driven by the urgent need to advance knowledge on disease mechanisms and identify disease-modifying treatments for Parkinson’s disease, Dutch Parkinson scientists join forces with other Parkinson associations in the Netherlands. We have joined the Parkinson's Alliance in the Netherlands.

The overall aim of Dutch Parkinson Scientists is to accelerate scientific research into the causes and consequences of the (treatment of) Parkinson's disease and improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s. Our mission is to lower the prevalence, develop disease-modifying treatment strategies and improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s disease or related parkinsonism.

  • We will contribute to the research and innovation agenda in the field of Parkinson's in the Netherlands.
  • We will promote and accelerate scientific research aiming to prevent, develop disease-modifying treatment paradigms and into innovate or improve care for Parkinson’s and related disorders.
  • We will organize an annual meeting for its members, as well as working groups of Parkinson scientists.
The hands of a woman with Parkinson's disease tremble very strongly

Latest news

Foundation Parkinson Alliance Netherlands a fact!

To donate

If you would like to support the work of 'Dutch Parkinson Scientists' financially, we would like to refer you to ParkinsonNL, the independent fundraiser. You can donate directly into the ParkinsonNL bank account: Iban: NL03ABNA0501566651

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