Financial committee:

  • The financial committee stems from article 9 of the internal regulations and checks the accounts and reports on this to the General Assembly.
  • The members of the financial committee are appointed during the general meeting

Junior committee:

  • The junior committee is an internal network of the association for members up to the age of 30 and aims to bring young researchers within the association into contact with each other.
  • The chairman of the junior committee will be appointed at the general meeting in the autumn of 2021.

Junior DPS Committee


The committee members are (from left to right): Martino Morella (Promotion; VUmc) Sabine Schootemeijer (Chair; Radboudumc), Sygrid van der Zee (Finances; UMC Groningen), Oxana Garritsen (Secretary; UMC Utrecht).

The junior committee is an internal network of the association for junior scientists (PhD or PostDoc). Our aim is to connect young Parkinson scientists in the Netherlands through educational- and social events. Moreover, we represent the junior members in the board.

Save the date for the following upcoming events:

12th of May 2023          -- Amsterdam
The Parkinson's brain: hands-on approach to post-mortem brain collection and investigation

2nd of November 2023  -- Nijmegen
Junior Dutch Parkinson Society Pre-Conference

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