Dutch fund ParkinsonNL was launched

The new Dutch fund ParkinsonNL was launched in June 2021. With a sense of urgency and a positive attitude, ParkinsonNL takes accelerated steps towards a world without Parkinson’s disease and parkinsonism. The focus is on slowing down and – preferably – preventing the disease. Until then, the fund supports people with Parkinson’s disease and their environment to lead the best possible life. ParkinsonNL invests in research, innovation and education. Successful fundraising is key to fulfilling the fund’s strong ambitions. 

Pushing boundaries together 

ParkinsonNL is part of Parkinsonalliantie Nederland, together with the Parkinson Vereniging, ParkinsonNet and the Dutch Parkinson Scientists. By joining forces, we create more impact.  

Read more at: www.parkinson.nl 

Dutch Parkinson Scientists

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