Save the date!

8 March 2024 

The Junior DPS committee presents: 

Lessons from your subject 

Experiencing the clinical side of research 

“Subjects”, “participants”, “patients”… All different terms for the ones most valuable for us as researchers. The word we prefer to use is (don’t panic) “people”, as that is what they are first and foremost.  

During an informative and interactive afternoon programme in Groningen, we would like to introduce you to the people that are treated for Parkinson’s disease and to the people treating and supporting them. You will experience what the inside of a specialised outpatient clinic looks like and what advanced therapies are offered. Also, you will learn how to examine your “subjects”! 

To discuss all the interesting things you have seen and learned and to (re)connect with your fellow juniors, there will be social drinks at the end of the day. Those interested can have dinner together, but that is beyond our organization.

More information and an elaboration on the programme will follow soon. We would love to see you on the afternoon of the 8th of March 2024 in Groningen!

All the best, 

The Junior DPS committee 

Sabine, Oxana Sygrid, Tino, Anouk and Olaf